Medical Technologies

US BioDesign has specific expertise in many medical device areas, including: cardiovascular, spinal, reconstructive orthopedics, general surgery and the growing field of tissue engineered products.

Quality System

US BioDesign has received its ISO 13485:2003 certification, effective February 19, 2013.

Flat Braid NiTi

US BioDesign - Flat Braid NiTi

Next Gen Hernia Mesh

US BioDesign - Next Gen Hernia Mesh

Braided NiTi

US BioDesign - Braided NiTi

Standard Polyester Graft

US BioDesign - Standarf Polyester Graft

Hybrid Construct

US BioDesign - Hybrid Construct

Flat Braid

US BioDesign - Flat Braid

Kink-Free Construct

US BioDesign - Kink-Free Construct

Shaped NiTi

US BioDesign - Shaped NiTi



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