About Us

The founders of US BioDesign (Tom Molz/Skott Greenhalgh) were the founders of another medical textile company, and have been involved with MEDICAL textile developments in all medical device areas. With years of experience, US BioDesign is the industry’s most effective resource for the design, development and manufacture of many types of MEDICAL textiles, specializing in braided and woven components. In fact, US BioDesign operates the world’s largest medical braider, which can produce braid components of very small pore size – unmatched by any other company in the world.

US BioDesign personnel understand the absolute importance of solving its customer’s problems in an effective manner. We have received many comments from our customers, suggesting that other providers of medical textile products are textile companies first, medical companies second (if at all). These companies do not truly understand medical devices, analyzing every situation with engineers who have very little medical engineering expertise. US BioDesign prides itself on its collective knowledge of MEDICAL textile products, offering effective solutions to its customers in a timely manner, with far fewer iterations than other companies.

Customers are welcome to work with US BioDesign engineers in our facility to compress the time required to produce an effective MEDICAL textile solution.



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