US BioDesign is the global leader in the development and production of engineered medical textiles, biomedical structures, and implantable fabrics for all types of medical devices. US BioDesign delivers the right solution to solve customer problems with unmatched timeliness and efficiency as a result of its biomedical engineering expertise and an unparalleled understanding of medical construct development involving polymeric and/or metallic raw materials. US BioDesign delivers unmatched biomedical structures, medical fabrics and custom materials for the cardiovascular, orthopedic, general surgery and neurological medical device segments of the health care industry.

US BioDesign is the first company to be uniquely situated to take full advantage of the rapidly growing biomedical structure and medical fabric markets as a result of the world class research and development expertise of its team and its ability to solve customers’ problems as biomedical engineers (first) and textile engineers (second). We provide biomedical solutions, utilizing our textile knowledge. Other companies provide textile solutions, utilizing biomedical knowledge. US BioDesign’s ability to focus on the right medical construct solution for its customers’ problems has resulted in a significant decrease in the time needed to attain the right solution, which in turn has allowed customers to utilize US BioDesign’s components into their devices, quickly and efficiently, thus shortening overall development timelines.



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